High Flying Improv!

HOW WE FIRST MET™ returns in 2014 for a 14th smash year. Embark on a side-splitting and spontaneous theatrical journey through meeting, dating, and mating as couples tell their “how we first met” stories, while an improv ensemble recreates pivotal story moments with improvised sketches and songs. What began as a one-time Valentine’s show at

How We First Met: Lucia and David

How shall I begin to describe our story of falling in love? I know, with its title: The

How We First Met: Mai and Cedric

Act 1. Mai’s car window was broken during the night. While she’s cleaning up the mess, Cedric walks

How We First Met: Jeanette and Jordan

For starters, some background information that led to Jeanette and I meeting is that my sister and her

How We First Met: Sasha and Shaun

The end. That’s where Sasha and Shaun found their beginning. As colleagues in different offices of an international

How We First Met: Kim and Michael

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon in Brooklyn. This was back in September 1999. I was working as

How We First Met: Sami and Kristina

If cupid’s arrow came looking for us, it definitely took a winding path along the way. In what

How We First Met: Erin and Michael

How we first met (Erin and Michael) I was giving a talk at a church program on Good

How We First: Tom and Lianne

It began in 1994 when Lianne’s father was dying. Her Dad’s last advise to her was to get

How We First Met: Jenni and Steve

Jenni speaking here: The VERY first time we met each other was at a rock climbing gym. I

How We First Met: Jean and Kevin

In 1986. I lived in Cleveland, Ohio. Kevin lived in San Francisco, California (CA). We met in New

How the Show Works

This show can be hard to explain because there’s nothing else like it.  Well, maybe this video can illuminate you.

How We First Met: Marisa and Justy

It all started with Tony. Tony and I used to party at Stanford, he was gay and an amazing dancer, so naturally we became friends. I was his party hag. After graduation we both started working at Facebook, where we became better friends. In June of 2007 he tells me that he has just moved

How We First Met: Brian and Janice

In 2002, my longest and best friend (Roma) set us up on a blind date. We had three

How We First Met: Giselle and Christian

Christian and I met when we were 17 and working at Jamba Juice together. We knew it was

Stark Insider: Clint and Loni’s Story

Clint and Loni from Stark Insider share their personal story, he said/she said style. Watch as director/comedian Jill Bourque explains how one of San Francisco’s favorite Valentine’s shows works. Plus secrets for dating success and everlasting love.

How We First Met: Matt and Ari

To preface this story I must first tell you this: The coolest thing is that I went to