Ann and David

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David flew fighters at a base near Phoenix, Ann got straight A’s at Arizona State. Neither of us dated much. Ann, because her grade point average kept her sorority off probation. And David hadn’t had a date in months because the only females near his base lived in Sun City, a retirement community. One day, a friend of a friend set up a blind pizza date between 3 sorority sisters and 3 bachelor fighter pilots. Ann really didn’t want to go, she had a paper due, but for some reason she was coerced into it by the senior girls. Pizza went fine, numbers were exchanged. David called Ann up to suggest a date, but she couldn’t due to some prior commitment.

Then he tried another time, but no, she had to go to Las Vegas with her parents. Third time was the charm, but the catch was that the date was for a “picnic” trip to southern Arizona, south of Gila Bend, to fulfill a training obligation for David’s fighter course — the pilots had to observe aerial gunnery from the ground before they could fly with actual ordnance. So a fighter class excursion of 10 guys, 7 wives, 2 dates and a solo pilot trekked down the dusty desert roads with coolers of beer and sandwiches. The noise from the first strafing pass over our heads literally knocked Ann backwards off the picnic table bench. It was 110 degrees out. There was no water, and the beer grew warm. At the end of the session, we could finally head back to civilization, sunburned, dehydrated and sore. The only thing to drink in David’s non-air conditioned sports car was more warm beer. We discovered that the flavor of that was made more bearable if you chewed Juicyfruit gum while drinking the beer. David figured that was likely first and last date, but offered dinner somewhere nice the next week. Ann agreed, and we settled on Tuesday. David selected a fine little French restaurant in Scottsdale. Since Ann had only been fed “French” food from Jaques dans le Box by the guys at ASU, it was a hit.

Tuesdays became a tradition. Even now, some 40 years later, our Tuesday dinners are some of the best and most romantic of the week.