Cynthia and Chuck

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It all started on the high seas. I was working on a cruise ship in Greece. A very prestigious position….sitting in a hallway with a TV tray and a box, alongside a row of slot machines. When the passengers handed me a dollar… no, I didn’t have to dance on the table-I handed them quarters. It was quite boring, so I always had a book to read. Chuck approached me and asked if the machines were hitting- I said no, but good luck anyway. As he walked over to play, he turned around and said:” You might want to know that you’re reading your book upside down!” I wanted to crawl INSIDE the book, I was so embarassed!!!!!

The next day, as I was walking across the deck, I spotted that SAME guy, sprawled out on a deck chair, reading a book (rightside up):’ Single after 40″! HMMMMMMMM…
During the cruise, he would ask me to join him (and 30 other singles in his group) for a drink. I had to refuse each time, as the cruise gave us no such privilages. The only thing I was allowed to do was dance in the disco. I met Chuck there the last night,and we sashayed around the floor a few times. We discovered that we both live in California, so he told me to call him when I returned home. He scribbled his name on an empty pack of cigarettes and we parted.

The cruise season ended, I hurled all my formal ship attire in a box, sent it sea mail to San Francisco, and headed to India. After doing the Everest trek and traipsing through the far east, I returned home 1 1/2 years later! I opened the musty banged up box from the cruise, and out tumbled this stinky old cigarette pack. That’s the guy who kept asking me to meet him on the cruise I recalled. I uncrumpled it, and called the number he had scribbled over a year ago!

We went out a few times, and I disappeared again, this time to Indonesia, but only for about a year. You see, all I wanted to do was work, save my money and travel. No marriage, no kids. Chuck would entice me home from my travels with a vacation, so I would fly home, go on a vacation with him, then fly back to MY vacation! He even flew to India in the height of the monsoons to meet me for 6 weeks ( he must have LIKED me back then) LOL.
He would ask me to marry him every few years, and my answer would be : “I gotta take a trip”. Each time I came home , there he was! I figured he was waiting for me, although I told him not to . I failed to realize that of COURSE he’d be home…. he was a school principal and had to WORK!!!

We dated for 12 years, and the 4th time he asked me to marry him was in the parking lot of Ross (of all places) during a heated discussion about the future… I said YES before he even finished the question!!!!
We were married at the St. Francis Hotel right up the street, and just celebrated 20 glorious years!!!

Through all my world travels, I found what I was looking for, right in my back yard!  Gee…. I sound like Dorothy with those red sparkly shoes! We now work on cruise ships together, and dance the night away on the high seas…. all aboard???

There is MUCH more to our story, but my keyboard is melting…

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  1. Robert Hayden says:

    Good Luck!

  2. Jeannie Stewart says:

    Great romantic story

  3. J. Scott says:

    Very cute

  4. Aubrey Ferreira says:

    I hope you guys win!!!!!

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