Joanna and Brittany

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Limited dating options in an already small pool led both Brittany and I online to find our true love!

I messaged her first on OK Cupid—-her profile had impeccable grammar and a Mean Girls reference (and of course, she was adorable). Our first attempt at setting up a Saturday night date fell through. She claimed family obligations but I thought she might simply be blowing me off. Luckily, persistence paid off and we connected for a Sunday brunch date.

We clicked immediately over french toast and mimosas, and I discovered she had been a cheerleader at an Ivy League school. It was the best of both worlds. We couldn’t be more opposite: she loves junk food, I eat strict paleo. She’s one of eight in a huge Mexican Catholic family, I grew up between two boys in a small suburb. I’m fiercely competitive in all sports, her exercise of choice is walking.

Despite rejecting her attempt at going in for a first kiss (in bright, midday sunlight), we find our balance in each other. We’ve been together almost two years now and we still joke about how she texted me, “When can I see you again?” immediately after we returned to our cars after our first date.

3 thoughts on “Joanna and Brittany

  1. Michael Alvarez says:

    Good luck!

  2. Karen Schneekluth says:

    So happy for you <3. I hope you win!

  3. Scott says:

    Too cute! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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