John and Valerie

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I’m a massage therapist and John had booked an appointment with me on his Mother’s birthday. Upon greeting at the door, John tried to hug me which I shied away from. I’m just not that much if a touchy person.

During his session, we talked about a variety of topics and time flew by. We both sensed a connection but we said our goodbyes after the appointment was over.

A few days later, John asked me out to lunch. Over nigiri, I was upfront and unyielding in not wanting to go any further because John was still married at the time.

I didn’t know why, but I was excited when John called again and suggested getting together again. One thing led to another and suddenly we were breaking all of the rules and in a loving relationship.

Two and half years, and a million kisses later, the inevitable happened and we were broken apart. With so much emotion involved, things got to be very messy. So much so
The we had to get a non court order restraining order in place to keep things in check. Nothing says its over like a visit from the sheriff with a letter in his hand. Emotions cooled, attorney fees settled, and time began to heal what needed fixing. While out of each others arms, out hearts were never far.

Almost a year later, I began receiving anonymous gift certificates at some of my favorite establishments around town. Finally, he arrived with a note signed by “Edward Enigma”. I had no idea who this was but didn’t suspect John, because he would’ve been, in a legal hot seat for contacting me. Finally on July 4th, I figured out who my anonymous admirer was. A phone call from John soon followed and I gave him the opportunity to meet with me and try to explained what happened. Over a round of golf, we both learned that all of those emotions and feelings were still there and as strong as before. However, our situations had changed and now we were both available to really move on with our relationship and feelings for each other. Within a month we were back to spending much of our time together.

Plans are unfolding : stay tuned!!!!!!!