How We First Met: Sabrina and Mohan

HER story:

Mohan was applying to the same residency program where I was a second year resident. I was randomly assigned to interview him for the position. He ended up getting the job and we soon found ourselves working together. Mohan would always stay late and volunteer to do more. At first I thought he was just eager to learn. But then I started noticing that he would linger late on the nights I was on call. He would wait for my shift to end, then walk me to my car. I would catch him stealing a glance at me during lecture instead of paying attention. He continued to call me after hours, not to discuss patient care, but to just ask how I was doing. Eventually he offered to teach me how to salsa dance. A few salsa turns and dips later, the handsome intern from Japan won my heart.

HIS story:

Since the start of residency, it was obvious that Sabrina had her eye on me. She would coincidentally bump into me in unlikely places, cook Aloo Paratha with extra masala, ring my cheeseburger bicycle bell, and graffiti my patient rosters with Happy Faces =) I found myself drawn into a game of Cat & Mouse. As Sabrina’s junior resident, I realized that she could locate me in any part of the hospital, day or night!

Honestly… Sabrina’s beautiful smile, animated personality, and playfulness were overwhelmingly irresistible. I felt lucky and didn’t put up too much resistance =)