Sunny and Arun

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I was on a two year work assignment to Shanghai, China in 2006 when I first met Sunny. She worked for a business partner and this was just a casual business meeting. I liked her at once – liked her a lot – her style of talking, the smile etc. She was married at the time and so was I – “bummer” and as time went by we kinda forgot about each other.

Back in the US, two years later – I was at work one day and Sunny showed up outside my office – asked if I remembered who she was – She had joined and was working for the same employer. I was like dumb struck!!!

Marriage was going through rocky times for me and for Sunny too what I later found out. At the same time – both of us are strict about “no dating at work” and while in another relationship etc – also discovered later. Next few years – everytime I would see Sunny in hallway, my heart would skip the beat and I would find ways to bump into her and get a glimpse of her. She sat several offices away and at times I would hear her voice as she spoke with others – at times I would be bit jealous for not being able to freely speak with her. Didn’t have courage to say anything – just small hallway conversations about coffee etc. So many times I wanted to hint or say something to let her know that I liked her but just wasn’t able to. I recall at one time she told me that she was in a middle of divorce – I wanted to tell her about my marriage situation as well but I stopped short.

Late 2011, Sunny got an opportunity to go work for another employer and was leaving. I offered to take her out for going away lunch and she accepted. I was so excited and nervous. We had a nice long lunch – time just went by. Besides work, we talked about some of the bars and clubs in SF and decided to go at some point. Our emails and text messaging increased substantially. Sunny sleeps late and is a good writer. She would email to me late at nights once done with daily chores and I would wait for her email or wake up at 2 or 3AM to check for emails from her. I would intentionally wait until next morning to respond although had read her emails dozens of times during wee hours. She landed a job and offered to buy me dinner – we did. We ended up going to the show “Beach, Blanket, Babylon” and dinner at “Pena Pachamama”. Sunny looked gorgeous and smelled gorgeous. She walked next to me, really close – it felt like a date that it wasn’t… It was exciting and those goosebumps just never went away after that evening!!! I wanted to do everything right – she was (and still is) to me. The date ended pretty late into the night and I dropped her off at her home although I just did not want the night to end.

Couple of weeks went by with thousands of text messages and many emails. We decided to go to dinner again and this time after dinner we went to Redwood Room for drinks. I brought her back to her place to drop her off and we kissed – it was the best kiss and lasted a long long long time….until about…daylight. As I left, I was totally DUI – driving under her influence!

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