How We First Met: Tracy and Nickola

In 1992, Nickola had just immigrated here from Bulgaria and was working for a limousine company. I, Tracy, a California native was living in a one bedroom apartment working at law firm. A mutual friend to both of us, Vili, who just happens to be Bulgarian as well, was in charge of the entertainment at a fashion show one night and she asked a group of us to be her Karaoke singers for the evening. So we could all partake in much needed alcohol that evening, she hired Nickola to drive us all in the limousine.

After the fashion show, we all headed to our favorite Karaoke show at bar in San Mateo. While Nickola was sitting at the bar drinking water talking to the owner, I came up and ordered my usual glass of Remy. For the first time that evening I notice the sparkle in Nickola’s eyes. The owner, Lubo, who was getting married in a month, told us that since we were both invited to his wedding that we should go together. Not sure what so say next, we both said “yeah, sure, whatever.” That night on the way home I sat in the front of the limosine with Nick while everyone else sat in back. (There may have been small talk but in all honesty I have no recollection as to what was said.) When he dropped me off at home I was not the last person in the car so our night ended with a “see ya.” Later, it turned out that I had to work and never made it to the wedding. About a week after the wedding Nickola called me and asked me out on our first date. He said he waited until his parents left to go back to Bulgaria because at the time his brother was dating someone they did not approve of and he did not want them to scare me off. For our first date we went to the movies and saw Wayne’s World. (Dana Carvey will always have a special place in our hearts.)

We got married on January 1, 1993 and have two sons. One who already graduated from Carlmont High School and another one who will graduate in the spring. (Which just happens to be the same high school where Dana Carvey graduated.)