We Want Your Story!

Whether you want to be in the show or just share your story for fun,
we want to hear how you met your mate!

Three main couples are interviewed each evening for HOW WE FIRST MET.  To select the couples we have preliminary online voting to select the finalists. On the night of the show ten semi-finalists tell their story in 10-words, then the audience picks three couples to be the stars of the show! But everyone is a winner because all finalists get a gift bag and their stories will be woven into the evening’s performance.

It’s a celebration of your life together.

HOW WE FIRST MET™ is about the power of love. And we welcome “how we met” stories from couples of all backgrounds and lifestyles.  Appearing on our show can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Some have said that it was like falling in love all over again because they were able to re-live those special moments in their relationship.

Every story has its own magic.

The audience can learn from the road you’ve traveled together as a couple. By sharing the challenges and triumphs of falling in love, your story can be an inspiration to others.

Don’t worry, we’re really nice to you.

We treat all our guest couples with respect and warmth. Even though the show is improvised and comedic, it’s not about making fun of you.

It’s funny in a good way.

In this show, it’s not the “ha ha’s,” but the “aha’s!” that make it so funny–that point of shared recognition. The people we find usually laughing most are the couples themselves.