Brynda and Michael

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We met in middle school, at the end of our sixth grade year. I was just a husky kid from lA transplanted to the east bay and she was a shy little girl from palo alto who also new to the area. The moment I first saw her I knew I wanted to meet her. We were in art class and in the same group project. I introduced myself by giving her a poster of the rock(wwf) after that we became friends. It wasn’t until next year that I knew she was the one for me. The night leading up to the new school year I had a dream that we were gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend so I woke up extra early and got my self ready. At the time I was very much into the sports jersey theme, so I picked out my best one. A vintage James worthy lakers jersey. The say the least I looked good. Come time for school I got my schedule hoping we had classes together. To my luck we had no classes together, or so I thought. I walk into my last period class, math class and who do I see? That shy little girl from palo alto sitting right in front. I took a little while for me to build up the courage to ask her out(3months) but nonetheless I did and she was just as excited as I was. Her first words were I always wanted a chunky boyfriend.