Chris and Lilly

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We met on Match.Com while I was visiting my family in Montreal, Canada. I had “winked” at her numerous times and finally built up some nerve to message her. She accepted and we clicked from just our cyber chat. Still in Canada, we decided to have a Skype meet up which lasted for 5 hours!

So we continued to Skype date for two weeks till I got home. The night I flew in, we had planned for me to come visit her at her house. My mother said I’ll seem desperate if I go, but I couldn’t wait and neither could Lilly. I went and the rest is history!

Lilly is now my wife and we are life-mates, couldn’t live without her! She is such an angel! I love her dearly. When we got married and within that year, we lost my mother to Breast Cancer and Lilly was by my side the whole time… I really do mean it when I say she is my angel!