Cliff and Betsy

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549438_10100530221164333_1753102888_nMy friend’s were always helping me look for Mr. Right. Anita, a good friend and previous co-worker was working at a new company and she told me a really cute, new guy just started. She thinks I might like him, he’s smart, cute and funny! I asked some questions then finished up with – is he younger than me? She said, I am not sure, I think he just graduated, but maybe with his masters? So he probably is a few years younger than you. I said, “Not interested, I am tired of dating people younger than me!” And that was that.

Fast forward a few months to my 32 birthday. A group of friends, included Anita, rented a limousine to take us out on the town (I lived in SF). Our first stop was Johnny Love’s. We were hanging and having fun and all of a sudden Anita came over pulling a guy behind her. Cliff this is Betsy, Betsy this is Cliff – you guys should dance, and off she ran. We awkwardly stared at each other, it was a slow song, and then he reached out and we started to dance. Not knowing what to say, Cliff glanced at my hand on his shoulder and said “you have beautiful hands”. I though to myself, “oh boy, we have a player here….” but he was super cute! Asking some questions, I learned that he was thet guy that worked with Anita. We danced and hung out for a while, then my friends said “it’s time to move”, they had a plan, and hanging in one spot was not on the agenda! Next stop was an Irish pub, kitty korner to Johnny Love’s. I told Cliff we were heading out and asked if he wanted to come. He said he needed to talk to his friends, but he would meet us there. I was super excited, he was so nice and so cute! As we walked over, my friends said “you know he’s not going to come don’t you?” “he was just making an excuse” So, slightly deflated we headed to our next spot. As the mintues ticked by, I had given up hope, but then, it felt like one of those scenes in a movie, the music stopped, we all looked towards the door in anticipation and in walks Cliff! Yaay! He proceeded to hang with us all night beacuase Anita and her hubby could give Cliff a ride home later (they all live in the penninsula). Also, the limo driver let us squeeze an extra fellow into the limo (I just had to sit on Cliff’s lap). He was so so sweet and such a gentleman! He kept pulling my dress down and making sure I was comfortable. A really sweetie! (I later learned, his friends (Jon and Molly) had brought Mollie’s roommates to meet Cliff and he wasn’t super interested in either of them, so he was happy to have another option)

After the fun evening, we all got dropped off back at my house on Parnassus, we hung around a little while. (Cliff’s perspective: when everyone got out of the limo and into the light of a house, he was like….”Yikes – these people are old, what I am doing here”) I had just bought a new 45” (big at the time) TV and wanted to get Cliff alone….”wanna see my TV?” I asked him? We hung in the living room and got to know each other a little better than he headed home with Anita. I was fairly smitten at this point!

We spent the next few weeks getting to know each other via email, things were clicking, so we made a date to meet at a restaurant in Mountain View. I was scared to meet him alone, so I brought my friend Diana along, which was a surprise to him, AND to top it off, we were 45 minutes late. This was pre-cell phone days so I couldn’t let him know. Cliff was steamed and almost left, but luckily was still there. We all had fun and decided Cliff was not a serial killer.

We went on anther date or two and still had never asked each other our ages. He knew I had been Anita’s boss, so he thought I was probably in my mid 20’s, I new he just graduated, but assumed it was a master’s so I thought maybe he was in his mid to hopefully late 20’s. So, a few dates later, sitting at the bar, I asked him how old he was. 21, he replies, you? 32, I reply as both of our mouths drop open and hit the bar… we both stare forward, not knowing what to say, in complete shock… needless to say, since we already really liked each other, we got over it and have been happily married for more than 15 years!