Evan and Kate

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He was nervous and had to drink 8 beers before meeting me. Wouldn’t talk once we met. Then chugged a Manhattan (which he had never had before, ever) like a shot because he thought it was disgusting. Then was coaxed into playing the guitar at my ex boyfriends house (I was house sitting for him while he was in France). I was convinced he was the quiet but strong type at this point and my curiosity got the best of me. We ended up sleeping in the same bed (well…my ex’s bed), but only after I invited him and he had to be told by our friends to do it because he was still nervous & shy without his guitar….and it’s been history from there! There’s more after that…he lived in TX and me CA, after me going to Texas and our first official date (he took me skydiving), he came back here to visit me for a week. Then after getting back home to TX, 1.5 weeks later bought a new truck and drove back up to live with me.