Madeline and Paul

In freshmen year of high school I was going through my emo girl/Hot Topic phase, I was all about striped tights and heavy eyeliner. I was into theater and spent most of my time in the drama room. One day this guy came in to film some stuff we were doing for the video class.

Cliff and Betsy

My friend’s were always helping me look for Mr. Right. Anita, a good friend and previous co-worker was

Katie & Greg

It was a connection made by a mutual friend, over the internet, across thousands of miles (him, in San Francisco, living in a house with 5 roommates and 1 bathroom in Bernal Heights; her, living in Florida during a quarter-life crisis and desperately trying to get the hell out). He was her gateway to the

Brian and Steve

It was high noon in Austin, Texas. The sun shone strongly through the glass windows of the Google office’s kitchen, where a heteroflexible and sexually distressed Brian was visiting for a business trip. Of all the healthy food offerings available, Brian was craving perhaps the peak of Western culinary expertise- Lucky Charms. As he gracefully

How We First Met on Valentine’s Day!

HOW WE FIRST MET™ returns in 2015 for a 15th smash year. Embark on a side-splitting and spontaneous theatrical journey through meeting, dating, and mating as couples tell their “how we first met” stories, while an improv ensemble recreates pivotal story moments with improvised sketches and songs. How We First Met Saturday, February 14th at

How the Show Works

This show is like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Well, maybe this video can illuminate you.

Stark Insider: Clint and Loni’s Story

Clint and Loni from Stark Insider share their personal story, he said/she said style. Watch as director/comedian Jill

Improvising Until the Cows Come Home

Yes, the show is about love but it’s also very funny. Dancing cows are also very funny.